Hello, readers!

It was time to stop reading Jane Austen and move on to something else. Don’t get me wrong, Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors, but I have to move on. William Golding is an exceptional author whose work I love and will continue to read.

Warning! If you have not already read this, every single spoiler for the entire book will be in here.

Let’s start with my favorite characters:

Piggy and Simon were my favorite characters by far! Piggy seems to be the only reasonable boy on the island, even though he doesn’t do any labor or hunting. The end of the book made me extremely upset when something very unfortunate happened to Piggy.

Simon is also one of my favorite characters because he has a mystery to him that made the story. All of the other kids called him “batty,” but I believe that his mind is in an entirely different place. While most other kids are acting like savages on the island, Simon is very kind-hearted and connected with nature in a different way than the others.

Now for my least favorite character/s

Jack is used as the example of savagery and is more so than any of the other boys on the island. Utterly obsessed with being chief, he lets this control him, and he seems to lose all human common sense and dignity.

Coming soon: Wuthering Heights



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