Hello, readers!

I have just finished reading “Emma” by Jane Austen, and I am very pleasantly surprised with the progression of the book overall. Before I continue, let me warn you that I will spoil the entire book for you if you haven’t already read it. Please only advance if you have read the book, for your happiness.

As I said before, I love this Jane Austen novel! “Emma” is a novel about a heroine who progresses in mentality and sincereness. Although Emma can be seen as very obsessed with social rank, she eventually starts to overcome her “obsession” with this idea.

I admire how Austen does not end the book with Emma as a perfect character in the sense that she still believes in social class affecting who she should be associated with. It shows the fact that nobody is perfect and that there is still more to learn.

Favorite Character:

My favorite character is by far Mr. George Knightley. Mr. Knightley is a very reserved man whose feelings for Emma have been kept under the surface for her benefit. I think he is a lovely person, and I agree with the fact that declaring your love in more words does not make them more meaningful.

My least favorite character:

Although I believe that every character in Austen’s stories is important, I did not like Mr. and Mrs. Elton. The two characters are both very selfish and rank themselves higher than everyone else.

In a way, both Mr. and Mrs. Elton are an extreme version of Emma’s bad qualities (I apologize if that was too harsh).

Overall, Emma is a very self-assured young lady determined to create a romantic fantasy but maturely flowers as she experiences the thrills of life.


Side note: I apologize if I am not finishing these novels fast enough. I am in high school and have little time for outside of school reading. I’m trying my best to meet my goal of 50 classics in 5 years or less.



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